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Coping Skills – An Anxiety Workshop for Teens

Coping Skills – An Anxiety Workshop for Teens

This workshop is for ages 13-17 to help with anxiety & panic attacks. We will explore coping skills such as Grounding Techniques, Cognitive Distortions and Breathwork to help reduce anxiety levels.

Teens have a lot to contend with today, now more than ever !

Topics covered:

Anxiety and its Natural Purpose

Identifying Triggers

Understanding the Stress Response System

Coping skills for Stressful Situations

Strategies to deal with stress, anxiety and anger

Date: Wednesday, October 6th 2021

Time: 7PM -9PM

Via: Zoom

Cost: 99$ plus tax Early bird ( before September 29th reg. 129$ plus tax)

Host: Robert Wise, Founder of RISE Anxiety & Depression Clinic

Special Guest: Social Worker, Dana Kontorsky

Includes a FREE 20 pages WISE MIND Workbook specially designed for Teens

The Workbook and Zoom link will be emailed 24 hours before the Workshop.

Contact us: 514-232-6445

Money Anxiety! Designed to help your financial fears.

We are incredibly excited to launch our  3rd WISE WAY WORKSHOP – MONEY ANXIETY A FREE Workshop designed to help you face your Financial Fears. 


Hosted by Robert Wise with Special guest, Certified Money & Budget Coach Monica Sourour.


MONEY ANXIETY FREE WORKSHOP is for anyone who has ever felt scared, isolated, lonely or stressed about money. If you’ve felt like you’re too far behind, can’t catch up, making financial mistakes that you don’t even understand, or feel like you have nowhere to turn with your financial questions. This is the workshop for you!

We believe that judgement and shame keep people from experiencing true freedom and peace in all things, but especially in money.

Monica and I created this special workshop to be as calming and reassuring as possible.

This workshop is not a quick fix. We are not going to tell you what stocks to buy, how to make millions overnight or some secret way to beat the system. It is simply about getting to know the financial side of yourself. We believe that empowering yourself to take control of your own finances and to face conversations and decisions about money from a place of confidence instead of fear is the answer.


What to expect:

Decreased money anxiety

Increased peace around finances

The ability to speak about money with less stress and tension.

Clarity around your own feelings and experiences with money

Guidance around your own finances, debt, savings, and what you want from your money

Guilty free spending

Less disagreements with your partner about money


Date: Wednesday, August 18th 2021, 7PM-8PM Via ZOOM


Free Workshop and WISE MIND Workbook with registration!

Email or call 514-232-6445 to register.

Self-Sabotage! Defeating the Enemy Within!

Does this sound familiar? 


You set a goal for yourself, plan out your action steps and you start with excitement. You are confident and tell yourself, “this time, I am going to make this happen.” However you do everything but what you set out to do “Why do I do this to myself?” 


The answer is Self-sabotage. 


Self-sabotage is any action that prevents you from achieving your goals. It is also a safety net that protects you against disappointment. In other words, our brain is protecting us from getting hurt by doing what it thinks is best and keeping us in our comfort zone.


In this workshop you'll learn how to:


  • Identify the behaviours
  • Track your triggers
  • Practice getting comfortable with failure
  • Identify what you really want 


Location & Date:


Thursday July 14th, at 7pm-9pm.

Workshop is online via Zoom for 2 hours,

The private Zoom link will be emailed within 24 hours after payment.




Early bird special price: 99$ + tax (Before July 1st, 2021)

Price: 150$+tax (After July 1st, 2021)


******Whats does this offer include ???******

FREE 20 Page Self-Sabotage Workbook emailed with registration. 


To register call, us toll free 1-833-567-RISE (7473) or 514-232-6445 or send e-transfer to 


Insurance receipt provided. 

Anxiety Busters! Tips and Techniques to get Freedom from Anxious thoughts.

Feeling Anxious? Having difficulty dealing with anxiety? Want to find ways to lower your anxiety?


Understanding and coping with anxiety is an important part of promoting positive mental health. This workshop will provide tips and techniques to support you when you are feeling anxious or panicky. Whether you are struggling with anxiety or know someone who is - this workshop will provide concrete and helpful strategies to BUST those anxious thoughts!


What You’ll Learn  


  • How anxiety works and why we experience it
  • How to manage anxiety using Robert’s proven "MINDSET RESET" approach
  • Strategies to help you take action, and make lasting positive change


Workshop is online via Zoom for 2 hours, hosted by Robert Wise, Certified Coach, President of RISE Anxiety and Depression Clinic, McGill University Instructor. 


The private Zoom link will be emailed 24 hours before the workshop. 

Date: Thursday June 10th, at 7pm-9pm. This Workshop is open to anyone looking for help. 


 Includes a FREE 20 Page Anxiety Busters! Workbook emailed with registration




Early bird special price: 99$ + tax (Before June 1st, 2021)

Price: 150$+tax (After June 1st, 2021)




To register call, us toll free 1-833-567-RISE (7473) or 514-232-6445 or send e-transfer to 


Insurance receipt provided.